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Welcome To Bloodline
An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards.

I expect every member or any applicant to understand this concept. We are a guild first and foremost and i require all guildmates to understand and respect others in the game. We do not tolerate bickering or childish behavior amongst ourselves. We are all one. As this entity we call BLOODLINE i expect courteousy, honesty and trust and that everyone in this guild will help you achieve your goals in World of Warcraft.


Welcome to the Bloodline website! We are a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild on the realm Bronzebard-US Horde. We are currently recruiting any and all that are interested in raiding with a good group, we are currently 12/12 and 6/7 and we are progressing every week! If you are interested please apply on the site.

Some great progress was made last week following the nerfs. We downed a new boss each week so far, lets keep up the roll and clear this place well before 4.3 drops so we can get some time in on the PTR. Madara and Mal are back this coming week so it's time to get back to core and finish this place off. Below you'll see the progression ranking for horde on the server last week and this week. While we are progressing at a good click, a few other guilds are doing the exact same thing. Lets keep our momentum and get our new guys into the mix and keep moving forward and growing.


Other Guild News

Bloodline Kill - Alysrazor 4/7

Thoare4, Sep 27, 11 8:59 AM.

Bloodline Downs Alysrazor 9/22/2011
Firelands 4/7 - Click image for full size Wallpaper

BloodLine clears Conclave of Wind

Thoare4, Jul 12, 11 8:05 PM.


Bloodline clears BWD - Nefarian Kill

Thoare4, Jul 1, 11 9:29 AM.


BloodLine Clears Bastion of Twilight - Cho'Gall KIll

Thoare4, Jun 30, 11 7:18 PM.
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